• Marketingautomations & integrations

  • Automate your marketing processes and create efficiency by connecting to over 7,000 interfaces. Integrate smashleads™ agency software into numerous CRM systems, e-mail and calendar programs as well as your e-commerce tool.

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Machine Learning



  • Zapier-Integrations

  • Use over 7000 integrations

  • With lead generation your work is not done yet. Increase the efficiency of your lead generation via targeted interfaces and send your leads to the subsequent systems.

  • CRM-Integration

  • Connect smashleads™ to any CRM system of your choice and transfer the lead information automatically.

  • E-Mail-Integration

  • Connect smashleads™ to your email or newsletter program and automate your marketing.

  • Calendar-Integration

  • Connect smashleads™ to your calendar and block automated appointments.

  • E-Commerce-Integration

  • Connect smashleads™ to your e-commerce tool and create your product configurators.

  • Sales process optimization

  • Automate your sales process

  • Once the lead has been generated, the conversion of the lead to a customer is crucial. However, if you generate high volumes of leads, manual support is no longer possible. With smashleads™, we provide you as an agency with numerous tools that allow you to automate the sales process and turn every new lead into a customer.

    • Lead information as csv file
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    • Export the important information of your gained leads as CSV file and use it for easy further processing.

    • Lead-Notification
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    • Your customers or yourself will receive an immediate email notification when leads are received. Process your leads within minutes and achieve optimal results. You can personalize the lead notification according to your wishes.

  • Get even more out of your data

  • Process mining and machine learning

  • Automate the optimization of your lead generation through data mining and machine learning. Intelligent algorithms ensure that your lead generation processes are optimized to continuously achieve better results.

  • Machine learning

  • Intelligent algorithms ensure that your form is automatically adapted in a few steps. Increase the conversion to a maximum level in a short time.

  • Process mining

  • Get the most out of your data analysis and exponentially increase the efficiency and accuracy of your work.

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